News & Upcoming Announcements

  • Important Announcements + Upcoming July Art Drop

    Hello my fine fellow Ghoulies! It appears I haven't made a news post since December 2023! There have been many new things to report on, and I have...
  • Merry Creepmas To All & To All A Ghoulish Night!

    Greetings my fine fellow Ghoulies!It's nigh that time of year when Kris Kringle makes his way around the globe. Hopefully we've all been mischievo...
  • Upcoming Emergency Shop Drop

    News & lineup to expect for the upcoming emergency shop drop 07/23/2023 at 3pm MST
  • Upcoming News For April.

    The shop will be temporarily closing for the month of April, and updates for design collections on the horizon!
  • Upcoming Shop Drop

    The lineup to expect for the upcoming shop drop 03/18/2023 at 5pm MST
  • The New Year

    A brief update and PSA about The Ghoul List.
  • October 2022 Special Lineup: Stickers, Restocks & More.

    News on upcoming products, and other updates.
  • News & Upcoming Announcements

    News section added to shop for the announcement of future products and shop drops!