The New Year

landscape view of fabric and halloween decoration collection

Happy new year, ghouls!
(I know it's already the 5th lol)

In the coming few days, I will be sending out an email to remind/reconfirm those who are still on The Ghoul List; if you wish to be removed, please let me know! If you haven't received this email by Wednesday the 11th of January and you're certain you joined and want to remain, please contact me (using my Contact page or email: I will continue to work through the list as much as one person can. I appreciate the support and patience y'all have shown in my Ghoul List project! I think I would consider it a success so far as it relieves the stresses of shop drops from all sides of the party, but most especially for those willing but unable to catch them.

If you're new to The Ghoul List project, I invite you to take a look over at the page and read all about it: HERE

Last year was an intense year of home projects for me, so there wasn't much movement in terms of Kitschy Ghoul related stuff, so I was really happy to start and work on The Ghoul Listers. Now that many of these projects are done, I hope to be able to commit more time to the shop and get some cool new stuff for cool ghouls! So thank you for another good year of The Kitschy Ghoul, and toast for an even better 2023 for us all!
-- Mari
(The Kitschy Ghoul)