About Me.

The creator and maker themselves among their halloween hoard!

Hello, my fellow spooky connoisseurs!Β πŸŽƒ

My name is Marianella Contreras, but I am known in the wide spidery web as Mari Mortem-- I am The Kitschy Ghoul; I live and breathe all things vintage Hallowe'en!

My family are refugees from El Salvador who reside in Canada, where I was born and immigrated from to the US. I had just a piece of luggage and a heavy dose of optimism in the face of severe adversity when I moved-- I was/am a HS dropout with zero clue what life had in store for me.
I lived in many places and states with my spouse and two cats, always the nomads looking for our place on this rock. I've been very fortunate all things given, for the time being I reside in Colorado, where I am living my best I ever have, and savoring it.

Though I have always aspired for it, I have never received any formal training or tutelage; I am almost entirely self taught, and have been creating and drawing for as long as I can remember. IΒ have been selling my makes and art for many years, with varied levels of success. It was only when, in 2016, I started an Etsy shop (under the now former business name "Strange Coven") with the same hopes and trepidation as many artisans before me, that I was able to really begin fulfillingΒ the dream of sustaining myself through my craft.

For all the times I have stumbled my way through this endeavor, I am eternally grateful for the love and support in the wonderful spooky community I have found!

With kindest salutations,
~Mari Mortem.

Pronouns: She/They

Zodiac: Cancer

Favorite candy:Β Chocolate covered gummies (Meiji Gummy Choco)

Favorite movie/show: Anything Studio Ghibli / Over The Garden Wall / What We Do In The Shadows (both)