I am always open to all sorts of questions-- I appreciate and welcome curiosity in my work and shop! Please visit my shop policies HERE to see info regarding the shop. Continue reading for all other Frequently Asked Questions!
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1. Q: You don't have any bags available right now?! Can I reserve a spot/get a custom?
A: Any and all items are posted onto my shop when available. As the sole artisan and manager of The Kitschy Ghoul, all aspects of this shop (production/crafting, shipping, packing, accounting, social media, photography, etc.) are done by me alone, resulting in extremely limited quantities. Because I also run my business and make product at home, I do not make or hold large amounts of stock. Items/spots are "first come first serve" with no cart holds.
Currently I accept custom work with extreme irregularity. It never hurts to send me a message to inquire, but know that often I cannot.

2. Q: How much are your bags?
A: Bags differ in price by size in the "U-Pick Pumpkin Patch" collection (USD, not including ship & taxes). Current prices for the U-Pick Pumpkin Patch are: Small bags $130.00. Medium bags $140.00. Large $150.00. Bags under the "Heirloom Garden Collection" are individually priced and shown in the image descriptions in the gallery: HERE. Other bags sold outside of these collections are individually priced, and due to specialized one-time materials vary greatly.  All prices subject to change.
3. Q: How does ordering/purchasing a "U-Pick Pumpkin Patch & Heirloom Garden" bag work?
A: Bag listings will show up on the All Products and Purses section of the shop when available. Work spots will show up as "Handmade Pumpkin Purse, Reserve Spot #'X '(Partial Payment): U-Pick Pumpkin Patch & Heirloom Garden" listings. These are first come first serve. These listings work as a down payment to secure your spot, but it does not include shipping. After the purchase has been confirmed, a form to fill out will be sent to the email attached to the sale. Submitting the form will lock in your details. A second invoice will later be billed to the same email once your bag is complete; for the remainder of the balance which will also include the shipping cost.
4. Q: What is the difference between "U-Pick Pumpkin Patch" and "Heirloom Garden" collections?
A: Since I am the sole artisan/creator in the shop with many designs to pick from and sadly not time enough to devote to every client, I have created the ‘U-Pick Pumpkin Patch’ line (link to gallery pages) which helps streamline the pricing and buying process for handmade bags placed in this collection, so that there is as little confusion as possible for me and the prospective client.
Handmade bags under the 'Heirloom Garden' Collection were once limited production and/or special editions. They will not be made exactly as they were when released, as their initial construction contained materials that were limited. But the option to have them with substituted materials more or less, is available. Pricing for this collection is individually based. See image descriptions in the gallery here for pricing and info on each Heirloom Garden piece. 
5. Q: How long before my bag ships?
A: Turn around times for bags varies on the workload I currently have, since everything is handcrafted to order times are approximately 2-3 weeks before a bag is shipped to its new home. If any changes or delays occur, I will inform you as soon as I can!
"U-Pick Pumpkin Patch & Heirloom Garden" listings are work/time slots, and are NOT ready to ship. Turn around times apply.
6. Q: When do you post bags/products?
A: I will typically create a post to my socials and the News Page with dates and intentions/inventory for upcoming shop drops; they'll be scheduled to the day and up to the hour (Mountain Standard Time). Stay connected and keep up to date when the next shop drop occurs!

7. Q: How many bags do you post on your updates?
A: I try and post at least one (1) bag work spot per shop drop among other offerings. Once in a while, I release ready-to-ship bags of new designs, sometimes along with a made-to-order version with it.
8. Q: Can I change details on my U-Pick Pumpkin Patch/Heirloom Garden bag?
A: It highly depends on my material supply availability, and is not applicable to things that are marked 'OOAK', 'Special Edition', 'Limited Edition' or any variation of these that differentiate a product from my regular stock of supply. Requests for complete color changes, or the use of fabric prints I don’t have or haven’t used are considered custom work-- see previous question (#1) regarding obtaining a custom/reserve spot.

9. Q: How do I care for my handbag and/or rug?
A: I highly recommended only spot cleaning your item(s) as putting them through the wash may damage or heavily distort certain details. Rug pieces are intended as art, and should be located in a low traffic area. Bags are constructed with a mix of different types of upholstery grade materials so though they are durable, some specialty upholstery materials used can be stained or otherwise aesthetically ruined with a regular wash.

10. Q: Do you ship internationally/worldwide?
A: I will attempt to ship worldwide, but as a word of caution: it can be very cost prohibitive! Please read my shop policies to keep yourself informed before making a purchase!
Thank you for reading!
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