The Ghoul List: Bag Secure

Cloaked skeleton with owl. Cloak reads "The Ghoul List"
As the most avid spookster can tell you, Halloween is filled with delights & treats! But with them so too the bitter bite of tricks.
Much in the spirit of Halloween night, my shop drops and extremely limited availabilities can run amok with "tricks" that leave many enthusiastic trick or treaters without their most desired bounty, a handcrafted purse.


The Ghoul List is a kind of bag security program inspired by pioneers of the designer bag world, adopted and adapted into this small spooky corner. The concept is to make the ownership of one of my handcrafted bags an inevitability for those who don't mind being on standby and otherwise feel like they cannot or couldn't use any of my other avenues such as scheduled shop drops or trades for true vintage Halloween goods. The list will be utilized to supplement my monthly workload, while offering yet another way to acknowledge the patience of my esteemed supporters.


Want to join? Here's some important rules:
  • There is no cost to join the list: I will not email you requesting money before your spot is called on, or any money as a down payment. The initial email will be only confirmation of your request to join The Ghoul List.
  • Shop policies still apply. However, because of the specific nature of The Ghoul List program, a bag made for a participant is NOT eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. All Sales Final.
  • By joining the list, you are committing to the eventual purchase of one handcrafted bag of your choosing from my galleries once the spot is called on. 
  • If you cannot make the purchase at the call-on, your spot will be bumped to the bottom but not removed. You may at any point before your spot is called on remove yourself from the list by requesting so in an email.
  • You may at any point rejoin the list for any reason; prioritization is based on certain factors at my discretion.
  •  There is no time estimates on when a spot shall be called on. You will be emailed using the @address + name you signed up as.
  • Payment is due within 24hrs of agreement and choice confirmation when the spot is called on; billing is done via Shopify Billings from The Kitschy Ghoul. Regular turn around times for handcrafted pieces apply.
  • If you're wishing to join and are internationally located, please let me know which country in the contact form. Some things may need to be discussed whether it is possible, cost & time wise.

Important Etiquette (AKA: Things that can get you permanently removed from the list if you do it):

  • Please do not spam me with inquiries as to when or where your spot on the queue is.
  • No substitutes; you may not jump another client into your spot, and vice versa.
  • No custom make requests, this includes changes to material color and/or type.
 Email your request to join using the contact form or the email displayed on the Contact Page. Please indicate on the subject or other "The Ghoul List" or "Bag Security"  and include your first and last name.


Join now to secure your future ghoul!