The Ghoul List: Wait List Program

Cloaked skeleton with owl. Cloak reads "The Ghoul List"
As the most avid spookster can tell you, Halloween is filled with delights & treats! But with them so too the bitter bite of tricks.
Much in the spirit of Halloween night, my shop drops and extremely limited availabilities can run amok with "tricks" that leave many enthusiastic trick or treaters without their most desired bounty, a handcrafted purse.

The Ghoul List is a wait list for the inevitable purchase of a bag, for those who don't mind being on standby for a spell. Be advised that patience is required; work is done entirely by myself and I like to take care of my clients during the collaborative stages, which can take some time. It can also take a while to produce as the sole artisan handcrafting each bag.


Want to join? Here's some important guidelines:
  • There is no "join-up" cost: I will not email you requesting money before your spot is called on. All submissions to join will be documented onto my list, regardless if you receive a confirmation or not; all emails sent to me are archived and routinely organized. Please see 'Additional Etiquette' below for requesting spot related information.
  • By joining the list and staying on, you are committing to the eventual purchase of one (1) handcrafted bag of your choosing from my Pumpkin Patch Gallery.

  • Because of the specific nature of The Ghoul List program, a bag made for a participant/client is NOT eligible for returns, refunds or exchanges. All Sales Final. Please read over my general shop policies Here.
  • You may exit or rejoin the list for any reason, including if you already received a TGL bag. Please be sure to use the email + name you signed up with to exit the list, otherwise I will disregard the request for removal. Rejoining clients must resubmit their information just as the first time.
  • If you paid for one invoice and not any of the subsequent ones, changed your mind and seek a cancellation, your refund is subject to a 10% "restocking" fee in order cover the costs and time incurred during the first invoicing process.
  •  There are no estimates on when a spot shall be called on due to the unpredictable nature of my workload on a given month. You will be emailed using the @address + name you signed up as.
  • Payment is typically invoiced in two parts: the first one is a deposit that counts towards the final balance, and the subsequent invoices include the remaining balance plus tax and shipping. Billing is done via Shopify Invoicing from The Kitschy Ghoul. If you would like to pay in installments, or you need more time to pay, please be sure to communicate this to me and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.
  • If you cannot make the purchase at the call-on email, you will be allowed to bump your position in queue as next in line twice (2) before you are moved to the bottom, but not removed.
  • Failure to communicate at all for an extended amount of time after you have been called on will result in forfeiting your position on The Ghoul List, and subsequent removal. You will receive reminders and warning emails before any action is taken. However, after the final notice, ability to rejoin under these circumstances will be at my discretion.
  • If you're wishing to join and are internationally located, please let me know which country in the contact form. Some things may need to be discussed including and importantly whether it is possible, cost, time and other hurdles permitting.

  • There will be a yearly newsletter to all participants; once in the beginning and once again at the end of the year. It serves as confirmation that you remain active and pending a call-on, so as long as you receive this newsletter you remain on The Ghoul List.

Additional Etiquette For Joining:

  • Please do not spam my email, if you need a reminder if you're still on the list, I will gladly check for you. However, I will not disclose where your spot lies in the list for a number of reasons, and estimates of when you may be pulled are too unpredictable to be of any use.
  • Abuse of the system will not be tolerated. Please no substitutes, you may not jump another client into your spot, and vice versa. I'd like to keep things fair.
  • No fully custom-make requests; Only designs that are currently in my Pumpkin Patch Gallery collections are available to choose from. I am willing to accommodate most non pattern altering changes, but it highly depends on my material supply availability, I will not work outside of my current holdings (price will be affected).
 Email your request to join using the contact form or the email displayed on the Contact Page. Please indicate on the subject or other "The Ghoul List"  and include your first and last name.


Join now to secure your future ghoul!