Important Announcements + Upcoming July Art Drop

a photo of halloween themed products. Hand drawn lines all over the image, with text that reads "Shop Update"

Hello my fine fellow Ghoulies!

It appears I haven't made a news post since December 2023! There have been many new things to report on, and I have been remiss in my duties to inform you all properly!

Firstly, thank you for continuing to support me and my endeavors; The Kitschy Ghoul shop is nothing without it's supporters, the surrounding spooky community, and our mutual love for all things cute & 'weeny!

a collage of halloween themed handmade items

July Art drop:

This coming July 22nd at 6pm MST (5pm PST, 7pm CST, 8pm EST) I will be having an art drop that will include some of the works I have been showcasing on my socials lately-- rugs, a couple bags, and new jewelry pieces! Mark those calendars!

The Ghoul List News:

I want to highlight something I have been discussing on my socials but needed to make an official post about: I am pausing new submissions to TGL until further notice. This will not affect anyone currently active on the list. The overwhelming response is so so appreciated, but the enormity of the list has become something of a monster of my unintentional making. I need some time to catch up on clients before I go back to accepting more submissions. This also means I am scaling back the number of work spots I offer in the shop for the time being. I will still likely have at least one spot per art drop, just to keep that moving forward in some capacity for those who cannot be on TGL for the time being.

In more TGL news, I have started to send a newsletter twice yearly to serve mainly as a reminder/confirmation of status, due to the amount of inquires I receive regarding if one is active on the list. The first newsletter was sent out in March 2024 so please check spam folders, etc. in order to continue receiving those updates; this also helps ensure that you do not miss your call-on as I will be contacting you through the same methods!

I will also include a blurb/update for those interested in reading more of what's going on from my side of things. But so long as you receive it, you remain on the list. As usual, you can exit/enter TGL whenever you like, please see The Ghoul List page for all info regarding.

Round watermelon graphic with a QR code and text that reads "Help Marwa & her family escape to safety"

Other News:

On a more personal update, I have partnered up with some people I am in community with to raise funds to help Marwa get her family to safety. We are in direct contact with Marwa and her family needing aid, and so I come to you with this call to action: post Oct. 7th, Marwa and her family have been displaced from their home in Gaza more than five times. Her family are currently situated in the Khan Yunis area following another evacuation, and are in much need of supplies such as food and water. They also need funds for the ability to have the whole family travel across the Rafah border land crossing to safety once it reopens.

This means a great deal to me, and as such I will be doing my best to help in all these efforts; I will be announcing more of how I will be doing that in the very near future-- things that will hopefully be exciting to participate and do some real good through!

Please take the time to go to the link (gofundme page) and share, and give of your love to this family. Any dollar amount is greatly appreciated from Marwa and myself! Thank you, and I look forward to revealing those plans!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful summerween!

-- Mari Mortem
(The Kitschy Ghoul)