Merry Creepmas To All & To All A Ghoulish Night!

A little ghost with a pumpkin head decorates a large white xmas tree with red ornaments and orange lights, and four little presents at its base. 3 bats are flying into view holding a red star tree topper
Greetings my fine fellow Ghoulies!

It's nigh that time of year when Kris Kringle makes his way around the globe. Hopefully we've all been mischievous but not naughty to get a little treat out of that loot bag of his! And if not, well a lump of charcoal can make great Halloween face paint for next year...

Anyway! This week is the last week to order anything from the shop for it to make it in the nick of time for that silent of nights-- be wary of those holiday shipping times though! They can be a doozy. The sooner the better!
I won't unfortunately have anything new to offer, as I will be working on a client or two from The Ghoul List before I close shop for a break on the week of Dec.17th to January 8th.

Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a merry creepmas & to all a ghoulish night!
Signing off (for now!)

-- Mari
(The Kitschy Ghoul)