Upcoming News For April.

Hello my fine Ghoulfriends!

I have a few important updates to discuss here:

First and most importantly, I will be temporarily closing shop for the whole month of April due to medical reasons. I am having surgery on both my eyes and will need time to recover in between both instances. My presence on social media will be sparse, and I may not be able to answer DM's or emails during that time. I appreciate all understanding and support!

Second and on the bright side, I will finally get on one of the most requested things for my bags (other than the bags themselves lol) and that is to make every design in both collections available in any size!

scarecrow with an owl on its shoulder beside a banner that reads "U-Pick Pumpkin Patch". Glowing jack o lanterns at its feet

If you go over to my Pumpkin Patch Gallery page, you can see I have already updated the graphic and the galleries (and the information therein) to reflect this small but very much desired change-- it will truly be a U-Pick Pumpkin Patch over here in The Kitschy Ghoul shop!

Policies, forms and prices have also been updated and/or changed, so give everything a read over to stay up to date on all info pertaining to the shopping the shop.

Thanks for reading!

-- Mari Mortem (The Kitschy Ghoul)