Upcoming Emergency Shop Drop

Hello fine fellow Ghouls,
Recently one of my kittles has needed emergency vet care, and since we don't have pet insurance and have also been recovering financially from my most recent eye surgery (two months ago and finally healed), you can imagine it's been a not-so-insignificant hit to our finances.

dark red ominious lighting for a heart shaped purse with a broken heart jack o lantern face

Support through my shop/work at this time is immensely appreciated and needed.
I have halted work on projects that I was hoping to put towards a more varied and fun shop drop, but have decided that en lieu of that I would need to push up the date for a drop so that I can weather a bit of the financial pressure laid before me.

four images in with logo and shop name in center; top left glow in the dark drop earring, top right same earrings in normal lighting. Bottom left glow in the dark view of gnarly pumpkin pin, and bottom right same pin in normal lighting

And so, this emergency shop drop which will be on the 23rd of July at 3pm MST will feature mostly work spots; five (5) to be exact, and one (1) ready to ship bag I recently finished from my mini collection 'The Gloomy Ghoul Gang: Bleeding Heart', you may request the new heart bag design for a work spot. I will also include a couple accessory/jewelry pieces, such as glow in the dark earrings and a unique one of a kind pin I managed to finish before needing to pivot my plans.
Please be aware, my shop policies are one (1) work spot/bag per customer (including ready ship bags). Any additional spots will be canceled and/or refunded to you. Unfortunately there are no cart holds, including during the checkout process.

At this time, I will also be calling on equal amounts of names from The Ghoul List as well, so please keep your eyes peeled for an email, check on those spam folders just in case. I have been making a full transition to the email shown in my contact page, and it may not be the same one you used to send a sign up to.
According to my policies for joining TGL, you are not barred from attempting to snag a work spot in a shop drop.

Thanks for reading and happy trick or treating!

-- Mari