Upcoming Shop Drop

pink pumpkin rug with boo text in mouth beside a matching purse, a background of orange pumpkin decorations

Hello fine fellow Ghouls, I have an upcoming shop drop of some handcrafted cool ghoul stuff Saturday March 18th at 5pm MST (4pm PST. 6pm CST. 7pm EST)

On the roster coming to the shop is:

Handcrafted Rug Tufts:

  • 6 pastel spooky heart wall art pieces
  • 2 low traffic rug mats

Handcrafted Purses:

  • Pink version of Batty Boo
  • The prototype square bag
  • One spot for 'U-Pick Pumpkin' work


  • Formerly exclusive stickers

A square pumpkin purse with a bat bow tie being held up against a background of halloween decorations

Thanks for reading and happy trick or treating!

-- Mari