October 2022 Special Lineup: Stickers, Restocks & More.

Greetings ghouls!
First let me begin with an important notice: many materials and supplies have very recently increased in cost again, so in turn I will be needing to increase the price of all my items-- which I will do before the next drop happens.

Now for the treats! Every year I have a vintage character obsession; last year it was scarecrows and witches, the year before that were ghosts and dapper pumpkins. This year, I really enjoyed ghouls-- skeletons in ghostly costume. Coupled that with my current desire to collect more antique German cut outs, and I now present the full preview of my newest limited run of clear vinyl stickers I will be offering in the coming update.

For these three stickers, I have a grander plan I want to add them to for release, but that idea is still simmering in the cauldron so hold onto them witch hats for news on that soon.

As for the sticker sporting my logo; I figured since I am running low on shop-brand-esque swag, I could do with a nice little filler product! It will be released not as a part of the idea above though, but separate. Just neat way to show your Kitschy Ghoul love!

In other news: I received a new batch of coffin lockets, and I plan on making a few more coffin ghoulies to add to the next shop drop. I will also be restocking the pumpkin heart necklaces, spooky pumpkin studs & pins, as well as adding a reverse color variant to each product!

Last but not least, I am currently in the drafting process of creating this year's October special purse & giveaway-- as I have done every year now to celebrate the witches new year. Here's a preview of the concept sketch:

Again clearly inspired by my current obsession with antique German decorations, and something quite different from my usual crop. I haven't thought of a name/title for this yet, and I figured once I create the first of a handful, I will hold my annual giveaway as a naming contest, where the winning name will receive the first of its kind, very exciting!

Lots of goodies are in store for the month of October! I hope y'all are in the spookiest of moods!

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