Trader's Corner

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*Trades are currently closed while I work through my current workload; stay connected to find out when trades resume!*


Are you a fellow true vintage/antique Halloween collector looking to off load some extras?? Well I trade my handcrafted work for such treasures!

Currently, the only way to obtain a fully custom made piece is trading for true vintage/antique Halloween goods. Please note, there is a limited amount of trades I will accept and work on in a month in order to preserve my time. You are still welcome to email me items of interest, but bear in mind that I may not be able to discuss an actual trade until spots open again. In the event I express interest in an item but my workload is full, I will email you with an approximate date when I can begin discussing any potential work/trade.
Please send inquiries and offers through my email or contact page. Please do not DM me on my social medias.


View an album with examples of items that are both on my ISO and DISO wishlist: HERE
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the images or items shown 


Detailed Information + Policies:

How it works:
Trade items are treated as if they were a general credit transaction, whereas the total value of the item(s) will be count as "credit" towards the work desired. Totals do not include shipping for either party. Workload fulfillment on my end is prioritized by general shop sales first, and trades fill in time slots when open; a timeline/deadline will be discussed during initial exchanges.


What I am looking for:
I search for all manner of vintage halloween items, including but not limited to:
paper party goods, die cuts, blow molds, tin noise makers, mache buckets, postcards, toys, candy containers, jewelry, costumes... etc.
Most items predating the year 2000 and older are generally what I look for. Though there are some exceptions for recent work such retro Halloween specific works from other artists/artisans that I will consider! Please click the link at the top of the page to see examples.


Value Calculations:
Value is based on the condition and what the average market value for that item in that condition actually sold for, rather than the current listing/asking prices on any resale site. Please include as many non-blurry photos of different angles in good lighting of any and all items you are offering.
If a value total only partially covers the cost of work desired, an invoice will be sent for the difference after a trade agreement has been reached.


What You May Request:
All ISO (In search of) items will guarantee a reserved spot for most of my work, in effect working as a "down payment". However, a reserved bag is not a custom piece. Customizations/personalization such as custom colors, resizing a design from its originally made size, or one of a kind/ Limited Edition designs are not options available to this type of trade, unless otherwise discussed**; A reserved bag is simply a direct remake of a bag that I have made available in the U-Pick Pumpkin Patch line or Heirloom Garden collection.
**Circumstances where the above may open opportunities for custom work are offers with multiple ISO’s and/or large bundles of items I have expressed great interest in, that may not have been listed as examples in the gallery.


All DISO (Desperately In Search Of) items will almost always guarantee custom work on their own. I am open to discussing larger scale commissions, should multiple DISO items be on offer.


Important Notes:
  • If item(s) arrive damaged depending on the extent of the damages, a percentage of worth may be deducted and that difference must be rectified before the trade is considered closed; please take care to package items carefully and add insurance to protect both of our investments.
  • Please do not send an item before a trade arrangement has been reached. If an item is sent before the trade is confirmed, the parcel will be refused and returned at the senders expense. Original sender assumes all responsibility and liability for packages sent.
  • Custom designs, sketches and other media I share through email remain intellectual property of myself and may not be shared or used outside me and client's trade engagement/arrangement. All rights reserved.


By sending and email with photos of trade items you are acknowledging that you read all of the above, and that you agree to all terms and policies laid out here on this page and on my general shop Policies Page as conditions to work with me, before work of any kind is started and/or shared.

If you think you have something I may be interested in,
Get in touch! Visit my contact page.